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How freedom works - the workbook

Ready for take-off 

With this dream workbook you manifest your dreams!

Have you often thought about how you would like to live, but so far it just hasn't worked out? Or do you have no tangible idea of ​​it at all because you stopped thinking about it with the thought "that won't work anyway" beforehand? Are you often more in your head than connected with your feelings and just can't imagine how manifestation should work?

Then this workbook is just right for you, because here you will learn to think big, to allow yourself everything you really want and to dream of how beautiful your future can be. You reflect on what you no longer want, what your dream looks like from different perspectives and which resources you already bring with you. But also how you could best prevent yourself from living it.

With this workbook you will develop your big vision of the absolute dream life in just a few hours and manifest the way to get there. You also get access to the private Telegram group for exchange and networking with like-minded people.

As a bonus, you will receive your individual evaluation as an audio impulse by voice message on your mobile phone from me free of charge with your proof of purchase.

Dream as big as you can!

Anything is possible!

Let's #justfuckindoit.

Manuel responded to my concerns sensitively and very empathetically, through his own experiences and reflection, which gave me a lot of confidence and security to open up to him and to talk about my obstacles and fears in order to take the next steps in realizing my dreams.

Marta F.